Active Reverse System
Part no.710-000

Every vehicle has a blind spot, a space surrounding the vehicle which the driver can't see. Due to these invisible spaces, vehicles and/or objects can be damaged or people can get injured. Think of the blind spot on the right side of a vehicle when turning which makes a right turn risky, or the space behind a truck when reversing. Active Reverse provides the driver with accurate information about the free space in front, behind and besides the vehicle, and adds more safety and comfort for the driver.

How It Works

Through ultrasound, sensor units mounted on the top, sides and rear of the vehicle scan the space behind for a distance of 10cm to 9m. This space is divided into three zones, each with its own visual and acoustic signal.

Active Reverse activates when the driver changes into reverse, performs a self-test, and within a few seconds, the system is ready.


  • Improved site safety
  • Better driver confidence
  • Protection for pedestrians, assets and stock
  • Not affected by bad weather or darkness
  • Can be fitted to any size or type of truck

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Document / Downloads

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