Transmon Expands - Meet The Team

Transmon Has Expanded - Meet The Team!

Transmon Engineering has expanded its workforce again this year! So we thought we would celebrate this by giving you an up to date article of exactly who is who here at Transmon Engineering Limited including some that you may not be aware of!

Steve Coley

Steve Coley – Owner / Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Steve Coley, was already a time-served and experienced engineer when he came up with the original idea for what was later to become the first generation 'Gear Savure'. While working on an entirely different problem for a customer, he discovered that they were also having regular issues with operators 'hot-shifting' and causing damage to the transmissions on their forklift fleet. The repairs were expensive, but the lost productivity was even more so. Through his own research and electronics knowledge, Steve decided on the best solution, obtained work as a forklift engineer in order to test his theory, and soon came up with a prototype controller. The unit was fitted, and after extensive testing, the project was a success. As a result of this Transmon Engineering Limited was born in 1994 and has been a success ever since.

Lauralee Farrant – Office Manager

Lauralee joined Transmon in October 2016 and comes from an exceptionally strong background of over 30 years small business management and public accounting. Her primary focus within Transmon is an intricate role of managing the office, overseeing sales, keeping on top of our orders and accounts whilst providing support to our engineers on a day to day basis. Since the appointment of Lauralee the business has seen a progressive upward trend and as a result of this has seen the appointment of 2 further heads at Transmon.

Pete Boettcher head of Techanical Sales and lead installations engineer for forklift safety

Pete Boettcher – Technical Engineering Manager

Pete, aside from Steve is the longest serving member of staff at Transmon Engineering Limited, having joined the company in 1998 as a fully qualified engineer from Rolls-Royce. There is not a lot that Pete doesn’t know about the world of forklift trucks and the safety equipment that can be installed to them. Pete has fitted kits onto almost every type and manufacturer of truck there is which is why he is also responsible with Steve for the designing of new systems and for assisting with the design and implementation of bespoke fitments for customers wanting a taylor-made solution. Pete is our go to guy for all technical help as well as there is a good chance he knows the answer!

Russ Kenyon – Mechanical Installations Engineer

Russ comes from a background spanning 19 years within the world of forklifts and has completed over 9 years of this with one of the largest manufacturers there is – Linde. The rest of his service has been with Transmon Engineering, so like Pete, there is not a lot that Russ doesn’t know regarding our safety products and their individual applications. Russ is an expert in his field and has assisted with some of our largest projects to date. Being predominantly based in the northern part of the UK Russ also works remotely which allows us as a business to comfortably cover all parts of the UK.
Russ Kenyon


Bob Warner – Business Development Manager

Bob Warner joined Transmon in October 2014 as a result of an increase in sales within the business. Bob has worked with forklifts and industrial vehicles for nearly 40 years, having joined Caterpillar's Quality Control department back in 1976. Over the years he has worked for or with many of the sector's largest and best known brands, including Doosan, Mitsubishi, Daewoo and Komatsu, and spent most of that time offering product support to engineers in the field. He has also worked for Transmon in the past, and is delighted to be back.

Ross Munro– Business Development Manager

Ross joined Transmon in April this year (2017) and comes from a lengthy sales, recruitment and training background. His background has enabled him to become highly adaptive in an ever changing sales world and has given him the tools to overcome challenges thrown in front of him. Ross has a varied role with us here from managing existing accounts, bringing on new business and helping to manage our social networking and website. He has hit the ground running here at Transmon and we are excited to see what the future holds for him.
Business Development Manager

Karen Sharpe –Sales Administration

Karen joined Transmon Engineering Limited in April 2011 and has been here ever since. Karen’s role here it to help coordinate all sales activities and deal with invoicing and quotations. Her knowledge of our systems is second to none and is a vital part of the team here, whilst the sales team are out on the road Karen is here ensuring that everything is running smoothly and that all our clients are happy and have everything they need, this helps to ensure the effective running and processing of orders from both new and existing clients of Transmon.

Raj Patel – Production Manager

Raj has been with Transmon for a number of years now and heads up our production team, ensuring that quality is of prime importance as well as coordinating the testing of our products to ensure they meet our desired standards. Raj also looks after our purchasing to ensure that we always have the necessary items in stock for producing and distributing our safety products and kits.
Head of Production

Jai Patel

Vasanti Patel & Jai Patel – Production Assistants

Vasanti and Jai are responsible for constructing and packaging our products and kits ensuring that the circuit boards are populated correctly and to our high standards, they have to have extremely high levels of organisation to ensure that we meet the deadlines set to ensure that our products arrive on site on or before the agreed timescale.
Vasanti Patel

 Article Date: May 2017

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